Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Current of Corruption, Part 2: The Answer To Corrupt Corporations

Money is like most any other thing out there. It is a double-edged sword. I mean, give me one honest-to-god concept out there that can trump that of the almighty power of true physical wealth? Someone once said that "I'd rather cry in my Mercedes than rock out on my bicycle." Or something to this effect in tone and meaning. In many ways this is true. But the balance to this idea is that money doesn't eliminate problems. It simply creates different ones. I believe that the manner money is most often earned is the problem. The things we all have to buy and pay for makes no sense when looking at the subject objectively. I am here to prove to the world that those who believe the world is beyond saving are some of the most wrong individuals alive here today. I fully grasp just how many of you there are. Likely over half of the world believe this at the moment.

I began to write a book about a modern philosophy that I have come to believe, through life experience and going on four decades of intricate people watching, that the vast majority of Mother Earth needs to follow in order for us to do far more than merely exist. In fact, allow us to thrive on limitless abundance in a state of peace for quite a long time. If the so-called movers and shakers stopped looking at the planet as a lost cause and started viewing it as an opportunity for us all to thrive, including them, then maybe we could all get something going here.

Nobody is able to look at things from the larger benevolent perspective. It is time for us all to rise up and reach out our level of mindfulness and our level of intuition to heights never before seen from our kind.

If the energy of the planet were not controlled by fictitious numbers, backed by nothing, then evolved into actual acts of kindness being both recognized and exchanged as trackable currency. This could become the driving force which redefined our very existence and the future of what it means to be from Earth. I know what most of you reading this just started thinking. "This guy is delusional. He has no clue what he is talking about. Nobody can honestly exchange good deeds for currency." I promise you all that it is possible.

Imagine a world where every human and animal on Earth were all entitled to 100% free health care, pure drinking water, a home and/ or safe environment to live in, food, screened and publicly monitored police/ military protection, right to own land, protect themselves, freedom of choice, of religion, speech, protest, and all declared free inhabitants of Earth. Never slaves. A world where anyone who has implied power over us has a crystal clear system of checks and balances weighed against them at all times they are in office in addition to being watched when out of office. No more corporate involvement in politics would be allowed in any way. Especially financially. This would mean no lobbyists. Zero "earmarks". Public votes on all important issues using a fully proven chip card system that is corruption free and privately scannable. Enormous amounts of responsibility would always result in equal amounts of punishment if such powers were proven to be abused in any way. The idea of corporations would be abolished.

A new business model I envision would be called a "circulation." A business model, who's entire structure would be built from the concept of mandatory public record, conciseness, and no "trade secret" protection for any item or service which hinders the quality of life for any sentient being in any way, shape, form, method, or modality. This model would encourage deep legal protection for matters involving intellectual property. Any unique work of art or invention, whether it be physical or service-based, would be protected to high extensions of the law for stealing any such property. This would include things being used against people for the purposes of slander or libel.

In regards to matters involving inventions or concepts which are freely published by leading physicists and scientific professionals as public record and free to modify or re-release an "upgraded version" would be immune to legal protection. This is due to the fact that said discoveries would be intrinsically related to items or services which save lives and/ or make sentient life fuller, richer, or more liberating for the entire planet. Lastly, but perhaps, most importantly, this business model would be the ONLY parenting business model allowed anywhere on the planet. Meaning that in order for anyone to be entitled to full legal protection in such incidences, he/she should be entitled to the best legal protection he could find, paid for by his federal business income taxes from said business for free.

I believe that a classification system should be intertwined with my business model vision. The larger the business or the more important the business model or the more responsibility the business itself possesses; The higher the classification would be that is placed on the business in question. More strict recording laws and identification requirements would be put in place to track the individual actions of each employee as they make them throughout the day. Individual liability would always supersede company liability, so long as the individual was not coerced or threatened into committing a malefic act.

I believe that the approach of rewarding large groups of people for doing things which promote or create an atmosphere of peace and harmony is the absolute best way to keep all who deserve it in a positive state of mind. Moreover, creating a place of unity, trust, and selflessness for the benefit of all is the way of all the positive future timelines we will experience.

By Christopher Storm

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